Fasilitas dan Layanan

Informasi Perpustakaan

Address: Jl. Raya Jambi – Muara Bulian KM.15 Mendalo Darat 36361

Email: perpustakaan@unja.ac.id

Jam Buka

Senin – Jum’at :

Buka : 08.00 AM

Istirahat : 12.00 – 13.00 PM

Tutup : 16.00 PM

Koleksi Perpusatakaan

Unja’s Library consist of books collections, scientific journals, Skripsi, Thesis, Dissertation and Research report which produced in Unja Environment.

Keanggotaan Perpustakaan

To be able to borrow books collection, it is required to be library member in advance.  There are terms and conditions that must be obeyed.

Terms to be library member:

  1. Unja’s Student
  • Colour Photo in size 2×3 as many as 3 pieces
  • Photo copy of students’ card
  1. Unja’s Lecturer / Staff
  • Employee Card or other identity card (KTP, SIM, etc)
  • Colour Photo in size 2×3 as many as 3 pieces
  1. Public
  • Other Identity Card (KTP, SIM, etc)
  • Colour Photo in size 2×3 as many as 2 pieces

The existence of library in college is an indicator of college’s progress. It is because library is a unit which provides the infrastructure of knowledge development, book and other information. In Unja’s centre library, there are tens of thousands books, skripsi, thesis, and dissertation which able to enhance references for visitor.

Furthermore, to increase the comfort of visitors, Unja’s centre library is also equipped with various facilities such as comfortable and wide reading room, reading room for skripsi, thesis and dissertation for Students who need research references. To give a secure and comfortable feeling for visitors while indoor, this library is also equipped with deposit box. Friendly and fast service is a form of services from the employee towards visitors.

Not only that, to facilitate visitors in finding the references in cyberspace, centre library of Pinang Masak college is also equipped with computer completed with wi fi network. The computer hardware is one of the library program and also a form of service to ease the visitors in obtaining the information online and finding online books. With these facilities, visitors will be easy and able to read some of the online catalogue. To enhance students’ insight into the world of banking, Unja’s centre library has established cooperation with Bank Indonesia (BI). BI corner is a tools or media which provided by Bi Corner party as a form of socialization for students, lecturers, and education staffs as well as public in order to comprehend and understand the world of banking through books in the library.

University of Jambi (UNJA) has a facility of polyclinic which is located in Faculty of Forestry building. Polyclinic is equipped with 2 doctors and 4 nurses who are ready to give health services for academic community. Polyclinic opens from Monday to Friday at 08.00 – 16.00 WIB. In Friday, it is open only until 16.30.

The facilities which provided in polyclinic are medicines, Oxygen tube, blood check and rooms for patient. For students who want to have a drugs test, this polyclinic is also provide this test in cooperation with Puskesmas outside the campus.

Multipurpose building or often called as Balairung is a multipurpose building which can be used for students to organize various big events. This two-story building can accommodate 1500 students in the upstairs and 2000 students downstairs. It is also completed with sound system, chair and stand for students who are upstairs. Balairung Unja which is located in front after the entranced of main gate has VIPs room in the right and left side.

University of Jambi (UNJA) gives a dormitory facility for students who are BIDIKMISI awardees, especially boys. This dormitory located inside the area of Unja Mendalo Campus exactly in the back area. There are two ways to reach the dormitory. First, we can reach the dormitory through the road on the right side of Faculty of teacher training and Education (FKIP), second through the road in Faculty of Law.

Students Dormitory consist of four floors with 96 rooms, 1 room can be occupied by 2 or 3 students. The facilities which provided in the room include bed with the mattress, pillow, bolster, desk and chair. Facilities outside the room are bathroom, clean water, soup kitchen, parking area and 24 hours security. Moreover, there is the biggest mosque in Unja Mendalo campus, Jami Assalam Mosque right next to the dormitory. The dormitory that has been functioned since September 2015 is expected to ease the students in obtaining creativity and achievement. For the secure of boarder, securities will be ready for 24 hours. They are located not far from Jami Assalam mosque.


Boarding outside the campus environment

Students who come from outside Jambi do not need to worry about the boarding. Outside the campus, there are many residents who rent a house or dormitory. The price is variative, it is started from Rp. 3.000.000 a year per room and for a house it is started from Rp. 6.000.000 a year.


Now, University of Jambi (UNJA) has publications. They are unja.ac.id, suara Unja, and Berita Aktual FKIP Unja. This publications can be used for the information tools like the Latest News of UNJA, students creativity, and entertainment and research innovation either from Unja’s lecturers or students. The publications can be accessed easily through Smartphone or your pc and of course it will give you an ease to get the latest information of UNJA.

Besides providing academic support facilities, University of Jambi (UNJA) also taking care of the development  of non-academic activity, one of them is sport. To support the students in this field, UNJA has provided some sport facilities, they are :


Sport Infrastructure in Gelanggang Olah Raga (GOR) located in faculty of sport science. It is one of the favourite place for students to have a sport activity. Inside of GOR, there are several tools:

  • Futsal Field
  • Volley ball
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis court
  • Badminton
  • Basket ball
  • Takraw

Not only that, inside the GOR also provide the room for GYM, GYM equipment such as pull up, skuart, trap mile, banc fresh, in clime fresh, bicycle, lap pull down. For students who want to look after their health or build the body muscles can contact person in charge of the GYM room in Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16.00 – 18.00. The rate for students is Rp. 40.000 while for general public Rp. 50.000


A Field which is in size of football field located in front of Balairung University of Jambi (UNJA) Mendalo. Students often utilize the field in the afternoon to play football. Football field is also intended for the students of Faculty of Sport Science when they have a test of course exam. Beside the football field, there is also the area for javelin.

We provide a laboratory for chemical analysis technique research, product authentication products, environment sampling, and laboratory. Use our experience in chemical test so that you will get the quality data. Chemical Test covers water testing, ingredients and air.

Pusat Komputer


Computer centre which located in LPTIK Unja Building is one of the right means for UNJA academic community. Various training, introducing special page, and other important activity associated with website, often held in the computer centre.

Laboratory lending Guidelines

  • User need to apply an application which is addressed for the Head of LPTIK through letter/ email/ helpdesk
  • The Application need to be received by LPTIK at least 1 week before the program held and must consist of :
  • Number of participants
  • Execution time
  1. If the time and place of execution requested to collide with another event, LPTIK must confirm the condition to the user to find the alternate execution.

Almost in every faculty in University of Jambi (UNJA) completed with mosque as the means of worship for Muslim students. There is also one big mosque which is located on the back area, it is Jami Assalam. Students from various faculty usually pray together and have Friday prayers in this mosque. This mosque is never quite, usually the students recite Quran inside it from morning until afternoon. If we go there, we will see many students who is reciting Quran in the terrace of the mosque. Students also able to follow various activities in this pride mosque.

Sistem Informasi

No. Nama dan URL Deskripsi
1. Website resmi Universitas Jambi


Adalah website resmi (official website) yang berisikan informasi tentang Universitas Jambi selayang pandang, struktur organisasi, video profil Universitas Jambi, kegiatan, dan opini. Terdapat tautan ke berbagai website fakultas dan unit kerja. Website ditampilkan dalam dua bahasa yakni Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris. Saat ini website sudah dilengkapi dengan laman informasi publik, yang menyediakan semua informasi dengan kategori informasi berkala dan informasi serta merta. Prosedur mendapatkan informasi juga disediakan dihalaman ini.
2. Sistem Informasi Akademik


Adalah aplikasi berbasis web yang digunakan untuk menyimpan data dan mengelola kegiatan akademik di Universitas Jambi. Data yang disimpan meliputi data dosen, mahasiswa, mata kuliah, kurikulum, rencana dan hasil studi mahasiswa. Kegiatan yang dapat dilakukan secara online pada aplikasi akademik ini adalah pembuatan jadwal kuliah, kontrak perkuliahan, monitoring kuliah, penilaian, pendaftaran Kukerta, dan pendaftaran wisuda. Beberapa keluaran utama dari aplikasi adalah hasil studi persemester, transkrip nilai, jadwal kuliah, dan laporan monitoring perkuliahan. Informasi dari sistem akademik ini dapat digunakan untuk borang akreditasi program studi maupun universitas.
3. Sistem Informasi Perpustakan


Adalah aplikasi berbasis web yang menyimpan data buku di Perpustakaan Universitas Jambi maupun di perpustakaan fakultas. Dengan aplikasi ini maka proses pencarian buku menjadi sangat mudah. Buku dapat dicari berdasarkan judul, pengarang, kata kunci, tahun terbit dan lokasi buku. Aplikasi juga dilengkapi dengan fitur transaksi peminjaman maupun pengembalian buku.
4. Repository Universitas Jambi


Adalah aplikasi online yang digunakan untuk menyimpan karya akademik seluruh civitas Universitas Jambi dalam bentuk online yang meliputi artikel ilmiah, conference paper, buku, dan catatan perkuliahan. Untuk mengisi repository dosen atau mahasiswa dapat mengunggah atau menautkan karya mereka. Repository sangat bermanfaat bagi suatu program studi untuk mendapatkan karya-karya dosen.
5. Open Journal System


Adalah aplikasi online yang digunakan untuk pengelolaan jurnal yang ada dilingkungan Universitas Jambi. Dengan ojs versi terbaru (3.0) maka proses pengelolaan jurnal menjadi lebih mudah dengan tampilan yang lebih baik. Saat ini hampir semua fakultas sudah melakukan pengelolaan jurnal mereka melalui aplikasi ini.
6. Open Conference System


Adalah aplikasi online yang digunakan untuk pengelolaan konferensi yang dilaksakan dilingkungan Universitas Jambi. Pengelolaan konferensi meliputi pendaftaran peserta, submit artikel, proses review, dan komunikasi antara perserta konferensi dengan panitia.
7. Sistem Informasi Penelitian dan Pengabdian


Adalah aplikasi berbasis web yang digunakan untuk pengelolaan penelitian dan pengabdian yang didanai oleh PNBP Universitas Jambi. Proses bisnis yang dilakukan ada aplikasi ini adalah unggah proposal, dan interaksi antara pengelola penelitian dan pengabdian dengan peneliti di Universitas Jambi.
8. Sistem Informasi Pembayaran


Adalah aplikasi yang dapat digunakan oleh mahasiswa untuk mengetahui tagihan yang harus dibayar seperti UKT dan Kukerta. Setiap fakultas dapat memonitor jumlah UKT yang telah dibayar oleh mahasiwanya. Berbekal informasi ini maka setiap fakultas dapat merencanakan berbagai kegiatan sesuai dengan penerimaan fakultas.
9. Sistem Informasi Kemahasiswaan


Adalah aplikasi online yang bertujuan untuk mencatat kegiatan kemahasiswaan di Universitas Jambi. Point yang dicatat meliputi daftar unit kemahasiswa, data prestasi mahasiswa, data kegiatan mahasiswa, upload proposal kegiatan dan sertifikat kegiatan.
10. Sistem Informasi Pelacakan Lulusan (Tracer study)


Adalah aplikasi online yang berguna untuk melacak alumni guna mendapatkan informasi tentang pekerjaan, kesesuaian bidang keilmuan dengan pekerjaan, gaji, dan lama masa tunggu untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan setelah menamatkan pendidikan di Universitas Jambi.
11. Sistem Informasi Persuratan


Adalah aplikasi persuratan yang berguna untuk mencatat surat masuk dan surat keluar di rektorat maupun unit-unit kerja dilingkungan Universitas Jambi. Surat tradisional yang masuk akan discan dalam format pdf, dan selanjutnya akan disampaikan secara online kepada pimpinan dan diteruskan dalam bentuk disposisi online ke pejabat dibawahnya. Dengan sistem ini maka pimpinan dengan mudah memonitor seluruh kegiatan yang ada di universitas atau di unit kerjanya. Aplikasi ini sangat cocok untuk Universitas Jambi yang terdiri dari multicampus yang tersebar di propinsi Jambi, karena penyampaian surat/disposisi menjadi lebih cepat dan murah. Aplikasi ini dapat diterapkan karena didukung dengan ketersediaan jaringan intranet di seluruh kampus Universitas Jambi.
12. Presensi online


Adalah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk kegiatan presensi di Universitas Jambi. Untuk melaksanakan presensi seorang dosen/pegawai cukup mengetikan NIP dan password. Jumah presensi perhari ditentukan oleh jenis pekerjaan dan tetap/kontrak. Satuan Pengawas Internal (SPI) Universitas Jambi akan mengirimkan rekap kehadiran dosen/staf ke setiap unit kerja untuk dijadikan bahan evaluasi bagi pimpinan. Saat ini juga telah tersedia mobile presensi, dimana staf dapat melakukan presensi melalui gadget di Univrsitas Jambi.
13. Penyampaian aspirasi civitas akademika


Adalah aplikasi online yang digunakan oleh civitas untuk menyampaikan keluhan ataupun pendapat mereka terhadap kegiatan dan layanan yang mereka terima di Universitas Jambi. Pendapat civitas ini akan dijadikan bahan untuk meningkatkan kualitas layanan publik di Universitas Jambi.
14. Sms broadcast


Adalah aplikasi online yang digunakan untuk mengirimkan SMS ke civitas Universitas Jambi. SMS yang dikirimkan dapat dikirimkan oleh unit atau group tertentu. Dengan aplikasi ini maka SMS lebih tepat sasaran dan efesien.
15. Sistem Informasi Terpadu


Adalah laman yang berisi tautan ke aplikasi-aplikasi yang ada di Universitas Jambi, baik yang dikelola oleh LPTIK maupun unit kerja.

Each Faculty in the University of Jambi certainly has a modern cafeteria and provides a variety of food offerings. For students who want to relax after a meal, they can also utilize wifi facilities in some of the canteen.

  1. Actual Canteen at FKIP
  2. Canteen of Faculty of Law
  3. Canteen of Faculty of Economics
  4. Canteen of Faculty of Science and Technology
  5. Canteen of Faculty of Agriculture
  6. Canteen of Faculty of Animal Husbandry

Kantor Bank dan ATM


University of Jambi provides banking and ATM facilities to facilitate the academic community, especially students. The location of Bank and ATM is very strategic. They are located next to the gate and the exit road of UNJA or the causeway.

Security Control Centre


106 security guards will be on standby and distributed in campus environments of Unja Mendalo, Telanai, Markets, and Bulian. Every day the security guards patrol around the campus area by turns so as it will make the academic community feel safe when they are on campus. Besides patrolling, security guards are also on guard at every gate guardhouse of entry, exit, borders and every post that is in the campus. Not only that, every morning and evening in the hours after work, traffic arrangements on campus Unja mendalo also be a priority

Kantor POS


University of Jambi students (Unja) coming from outside the district and Jambi province who want to send goods or receive a shipment from parents do not need to worry in finding delivery service providers. In the area of Unja available Post office located at the exit. A strategic place that is close to the highway.

Untuk menjangkau Universitas Jambi (Unja) Kampus Mendalo bagi mahasiswa yang berada di kota Jambi dapat menggunakan angkutan umum dari Simpang Rimbo dengan jurusan Mendalo dengan tarif  Rp. 3.000.