Daftar Kampus Universitas Jambi

Kampus “Pinang Masak” Unja Mendalo

Campus “Pinang Masak” is the main campus of the University of Jambi, covering an area of 100.1 hectares which does not only consist of buildings / office buildings or lecturing buildings, but also forests and orchards trial. Here is the delivery of education all faculty are generally held that began in 1986. It is located outside the town of Jambi, in the village of MendaloDarat is at km 15 highway from the city of Jambi to the city MuaroBulian

Kampus Unja Pasar

This campus is the oldest campus of Jambi University which consists of an area of 0.72 hectares with old buildings classic style (by the Dutch). It is in the market area (business and commercial) city of Jambi, on the streetRadenMattaherPasar Jambi, and therefore better known by society as “KampusUnjaPasar”
Currently used as a project manager of Higher Education Development (P2T) and the implementation of the Open University

Kampus Unja Telanaipura

The campus covers an area of 11.9 hectares, consisting of buildings venue for lectures, labs, halls and housing lecturers and officials of the University of Jambi. Campus that debuted in the 70s is located in District Telanaipura, the office area of Jambi province, and better known as “KampusUnjaTelanaipura”. Currently, it is used for the implementation of Non-Regular program and graduate.

Kampus Unja Muaro Bulian

This campus is located in the city ofMuaroBulian. The campus is used for Elementary School Teacher Education program (PGSD) Pre-service, managed by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education.

Kampus Unja Sarolangun

This campus is located in Sarolangun. The campus was inaugurated on April 16, 2007 by the Director General of Higher Education. The campus establishment on a cooperation between local government ofSarolangun and Jambi University.

Kampus Unja Muara Sabak

Campus UNJA MuaraSabak currently is used for the management of Fishery Products Technology (Diploma)

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