Public Lecture

Faculty of Education of Jambi University convened a public lecture on pre-service teachers’ internship on Tuesday 10/1/2017. The public lecture is part of a partnership between the Faculty of Education of Jambi University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Australia.

The lecture, delivered by two Australian professors Heather Fehring and Jennifer Elsden-Clifton, introduced to the audience a new model of pre-service teachers’ internship called TAPP (Teaching Academy of Professional Practice) model that has gained significant success in Australia since it firstly initiated three years ago. The main strength of this new model lies on its success in bridging the unresolved gap between university’s framework of teacher education and various aspects of schools’ actual conditions. The insertion of ‘coaches’- key persons who take a important role as communicators between university, schools and the students teachers – into the pre-service teachers’ internship have successfully established better understanding on how university’s framework of teacher education is best translated into schools’ day-to-day practice.

In a discussion session that followed the lecture, audience that consist of lecturers and students of the Faculty of Education of Jambi University expressed their interest in how the model may be best adapted into the faculty’s current model of pre-service teachers’ internship.


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