Symbol Meaning creator and Jambi University

Jambi University symbol is a white swan which is spreading its wings inside a pentagon with a basic color background of ripe areca  and written “Jambi University”, as a forum for the development of science that uphold moral and ethics. According to its story, there were two white swans used by King of Jambi  as a guide  for the founder of a city location.

It is said by the King, both white swans swam in the Batang Hari river, then landed in a certain place which according to a legend was the place where the Great Mosque of Al Falah currently located

In that place later was built a city, as the center of the kingdom which was named Jambi. Itis said that the name comes from the word “Jambe” which means “Pinang” (areca) which is the name of a queen who reigns is PutiSelaras Pinang Masak

  1. Elements contained on the symbol implies:
    The ground is a pentagon which symbolizes Pancasila;
  2. A white swan spreading its wings in the pentagon, meant as a symbol of the invention in accordance with a history of the origin of the establishment of the city of Jambi;
  3. The number of left-wing feathers of White Swan is eight, meaning as the peak Act of Eight, namely: Jambi customary laws that contain restrictions / bans;
  4. The number of right-wing  feathers of White Swan is nine pieces, meant as Sepucuk Jambi Sembilan Lurah, namely: their tributaries which flow under control of Jambi, namely:BatangMerangin, Mesumbai, Tabir, Pelepat, Asai, Tebo, Bungo,Jujuhan and Tembesi;
  5. Feather of body and feather are twelve strands, means AnakUndang Nan DuaBelas (12  Laws) and  Jambi society consisting of twelve people which is also called the Shield of the Twelve;
  6. In the beak of white swan is krisSiginjai, meaning the epitome of chivalry;
  7. Under the white swan’s neck there are three peaks become one with the bottom of a curved underneath, at the peak in the middle there is a balance which means as Law Act, the Local Customary Law Jambi that determine the severity of the punishment.
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